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Drug Offense Defense Lawyer, Rockville, MD

Drug Offense Defense Lawyer, Rockville, MDThe long-term consequences of drug conviction can be far more serious than a fine or a jail sentence. Any drug offense conviction will result in a permanent criminal record. Since criminal records are available to anyone conducting a background check, your opportunities in life will be less. You will be barred from obtaining student loans or even pursuing certain careers if you have a drug conviction.

At the Law Offices of Michael G. Banks in Rockville, Maryland, our goal is to minimize the effect of a drug arrest on your life now and in the future. We represent people charged with all types of drugs offenses, including:

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth, heroin or ecstasy
  • Possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking

In any drug crime case, our first goal is find out if there is a basis to help you avoid a conviction. A common defense in many drug cases is improper search and seizure. The U.S. Constitution bars police from stopping you or your car without a reason. In addition, police are not allowed to search your person or your vehicle without probable cause that you have committed a crime. If the stop or search were illegal, all drug evidence seized from you can be suppressed. Without evidence, your drug case will be dismissed.

If you are a first-time offender, Maryland offers deferral programs for many types of drug offenses. Under a deferral program, you can avoid a conviction by successfully completing a probation period that may involve community service and drug treatment. After you successfully complete the program, attorney Michael G. Banks can seek expungement of your arrest record. An expungement will erase your record as if the drug arrest never happened.

Free attorney consultation for criminal and personal injury matters: If you have been charged with a drug offense in Maryland, call 301-251-9161 or fill out our contact form to discuss your case with an experienced Rockville, MD criminal defense lawyer.

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