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Protecting Your Rights

Protecting Your RightsWhen you are charged with a crime you have legal rights that protect you from the police and the prosecutor “rail roading” you to a conviction. These rights apply whether you are arrested, or simply summonsed to be served with criminal charges. Often defendants convict themselves by unwittingly giving the police and prosecutors the evidence they need to prove their cases.

Among the rights you have is your U.S. Constitution Fifth Amendment right to remain silent when being questioned by the police; it’s a good idea to use it.

Furthermore, the Fourth Amendment protects you against unreasonable searches and seizures. That means when the police ask to search you, you don’t have to consent. However you must recognize those instances when the police decide to search you without your permission and you should know that the law is very ambiguous concerning your right to resist. Every situation is different and almost all the time it’s best to not resist, and try to suppress illegal seizures in court. Know that if they search you without probable cause or reasonable suspicion and if you don’t consent, what they take from you may not be admitted into evidence.

Additionally, the Sixth Amendment gives you the right to talk to an attorney before you answer any questions from the police; conferring with experienced knowledgeable counsel is always a good idea before making any statements to the police.

A good criminal defense attorney is a shield for your rights. Michael Banks is superbly equipped to protect your rights. His approach is to contact the authorities and find what evidence the government intends to use to prove you guilty. Michael Banks is devoted to doing his best to insure that his clients are protected. His first interest is to always to protect his clients’ rights and liberty.

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